Perspectives can shape our Teaching Styles

Perspectives can be different. It does not necessarily mean that one person is right while the other is wrong. Sometimes, it is the end result that is important than how the job is done, as long as all the ethical factors are followed. The other day I was training the volunteers of “Leaping Boundaries”. I chose one of the paintings a friend, Liza Hasan, had made - a beautiful portrait. I asked the learners to take a moment to observe the portrait carefully and find out what attracts them the most. In other words they should look for the work in it that was the most beautiful in their eyes. They took a moment and pointed out. Then I asked them to reflect whether they should refute or go against their peers’ choices of the most attractive part. They realized that each person has different sense of beauty and that it can depend on their personality, taste and life-style. But the artist, while painting it took care of all the parts of it and made it one significant artwork. Each and every aspect of the portrait was important to the painter. 

It was actually a good idea to incorporate Liza’s artwork as a training material during the session. The display of her work on the projector screen let me describe the importance of respecting other teachers’ teaching styles for the same learner groups in simpler terms. It became easy to help the participants understand that they can all have different teaching styles which can suit their personalities. As long as the learners are learning efficiently and the needs are met their styles are fine. It even helps to create diversity in the classroom. When it comes to Language and Leadership Development Program for Madrasah Students we have to make sure that we are trying our best to teach students English Language, Soft Skills and Information and Communication Technology, whether we are following same teaching pedagogy or not. The art or the end product, that is our learners would be the result of all the different teaching methods that the different teachers applied. 

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Ice-breaking game
Group Activity
A group photo with ‘Liza’s Artwork’


Soft Skills are as important as Hard Skills (Technical Skills) are

If you are a great web-developer, don’t you need to know how to build great teams to manage the new project that you have just signed? If you are a scientist, don’t you need to have good presentation skills? If you have are an activist, don’t you need to know how to build networks and use the social media effectively? 

You always need the Soft Skills (like Networking and Communication Skills, Team-Building and Collaboration, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills, etc.) to thrive in the field that you work in!